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Cultural activities


Cultural activities

The Viceroy Laserna Palace actively contributes to the impulse of the city´s cultural activity.


Art gallery

One of the Palaces objective is to stimulate cultural activity in the city. An art gallery was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, on August 18th, 2015, which is next to the entrance of the Palace and overlooking the street.

The Viceroy Gallery is a temporary exhibition space which artists can use for all types of art: Painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design and engraving. 

This space aims to publicize the work of both established and emerging artists. It will be at the service of local artists who want to expose their most recent work, as well as for the dissemination of new trends by foreign artists. 

The gallery has a 100 m2, of which 60 m2 are suitable to exhibit. Being next to the entrance of the Palace public is assured, as the museum daily visitors will pass through the art gallery. 

The individual or collective exhibitions will usually last for 15 days. The opening will take place on Wednesdays or Thursdays, depending on the preferences of the artist.

To exhibit in the gallery it is necessary to send your C.V. to


Next exposition: To be announced


Theater was originally done in the Palace gardens in the 17th century. The only corral de comedias (typical old public theater) that existed in Jerez, it is situated in the garden of the palace. It has been documented by historian Juan Salguero and it appears on the tombstone entrance to the palace on Calle Santa Isabel.

The Viceroy Laserna Palace and the Jerez Theater Company, El Jinete Verde, have reached an agreement to continue this tradition by performing plays in the gardens. In August 2016 took place the I Cycle of Summer theater in the Viceroy Gardens reaching great success of critic and public. Lorca and Shakespeare were performed, but also theater of puppets for the younger public.

The professional company "El Jinete Verde" was founded in 2010 by César Deneken and Marina Armario. It was formed by the first generation of students of the theater and cinema school also named "El Jinete Verde". The name refers to the group of avant-garde German artists of the early twentieth century called Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider).





Next performance: To be announced


Flamenco shows

Both the 6th and the 7th Count of the Andes were great connoisseurs in the world of flamenco. The flamenco nights that took place in the gallery, they were famous in their time. Well known flamenco artists have performed in this room, such as Luis de la Pica, Terremoto or Paquera de Jerez. The great Lola Flores use to say that her first performance, when she was a child, took place in this gallery. Today, the gallery is rented for private flamenco recitals, while larger shows, open to the public, take place in the garden. At Christmas time we also offer, a typical zambomba.

Next performance: To be announced


The music room is available for private classical music concerts. A special place endowed with a singular sensitivity for music lovers. From classical music to opera, only a few would enjoy music in a most exclusive place.

On the other hand, the garden may be the scene of the most varied music concerts. From flamenco to pop, as tributes to well-known artists and bands of music.




Next concert: To be announced

Lunch and dinner

The Spanish culinary history, which has led to the Spanish gastronomy to be considered as one of the best in the world, began in this Palace. The 7th Count of the Andes was the first Spanish gastronomic critic. He was the most recognized gourmet of his time and the founder of the Cofradía de la Buena Mesa (Brotherhood of the Good Table), embryo of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy. (Photo). The best cooks of that time worked in the kitchen’s palace.

Kings, nobles, politicians, businessmen, artists… have all seated around the table of the grand dining room. Every year the Savarin prize is given in this room. This is the oldest gastronomic prize given in Spain. Some of our finest guests rent the dining room for a exclusive banquet served by our most famous chefs, owners of precious Michelin stars.